In challenging times, outshine the competition with pitch-perfect presentation and communication skills.

Individual coaching from £290 - Team training CPD sessions from £950!

An award-winning, CPD accredited learning provider specialising in the unique power of the human voice, we create and deliver bespoke, innovative and truly unique team trainings and one-to-one executive vocal coaching packages.

Recent clients have averaged a 27% increase in closed business for the teams that have benefitted from our training, and Sales VPs have reported more professionalism and better results in their teams thanks to our work.

Even TV personalities trust us with their voices, including Lord of The Rings star Sophia Nomvete and TV presenter Bear Grylls!

Our approach combines the psychology of business success with the artistry of being a great public speaker, and our excellent results speak for themselves. We have been around since 2008, so you know that you are working with the experts and we have worked with over 230 business clients worldwide.

Our training has a 100% client satisfaction rating, and each training we create helps to solve gaps in company communication whether client-facing or internal. Research from the US published in Forbes shows that working with a corporate vocal coach increases closed business, and we are trusted by many well-known and award-winning brands as a secret weapon to help give them a unique competitive edge.


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"Excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed and learnt some new skills"

"A really interesting and enjoyable day. Thank you"

  • 100% Agree or Strongly Agree that the work will help group communications
  • 100% Agree or Strongly Agree that they have a clearer understanding of how they talk to stakeholders
  • 100% Agree or Strongly Agree that they have a clearer understanding of the impact of the voice on Inclusion within the business

"I really enjoyed the training. Refreshing, uplifting and upbeat!"

"Training was great, interactive, and well presented"

  • 100% Agree or Strongly Agree that they will be able to use what they've learned to represent the quality of the business
  • 100% Completely Agree that they will be able to apply their new skills both in and out of the workplace
  • 100% rated the delivery of the training as High Quality or Very High Quality

Meet Jamie.

Jamie Read has been coaching and training for over 18 years, having been a successful actor and musician in London, the US and across Europe.

A fully qualified and award-winning presentation coach, Jamie has worked with over 230 businesses to professionalise sales teams, increase closed business and help companies to leverage the delivery skills of great speakers and actors when engaging with stakeholders.

His expertise has led him to present research in London, Barcelona and Berlin and he has been interviewed for national newspapers, magazines, podcasts and radio. Jamie is a Fellow of St George's House, Windsor Castle.

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